Bears in the Woods

Boris (the bear) slept soundly in his near hibernation. As he slept he dreamed; he often had vivid dreams as it was a side effect of his magical craft. As the Animal-magi practitioner took on the form of various animals often the mental state of the mimicked animal was imprinted upon the wizard’s subconscious mind.

Thus he dreamed.

And in his dreams sometimes he’d be soaring in the clouds. Sometimes he’d be chasing prey.
In nightmares he’d be the prey being chased.

In his particular dream, this night he dreamed that all the members of his herd/pack/friends were under attack by undead skeletons. They were yelling to each other to get up and they were also squealing in pain as they were mortally wounded. One such scream was very rodent like and thus Boris knew that he must be having his reoccurring nightmare about when he was a mouse being chased by a cat.

Somewhere back in his sleep fogged mind he thought “I hope this dream ends soon or I won’t be rested come tomorrow morning.”

  • Meanwhile **

Sven’s to-do list:
1. Return a sword to the moon.
2. Wake a sleeping dragon and convince him that a country he on purposely left needs his help.
3. Stop being haunted by a Bard he accidently killed.
4. Convert Coelric to the true faith.
5. Stay out of the civil war as now the rebels don’t like his group and the dominate power never did.
6. Reestablish the Mercosian Kingdom.
7. Oh and buy some cheese the next time he’s in town.

Now back on task**

A faction of the wizard council wanted to claim the Moon sword for themselves. Knowing that it was the council’s decision to send the band of mercenaries to see the Dragon Sloatgar they planned an ambush.
The location was planned to perfection. It was away from the city so there wouldn’t be any witnesses and it was still far enough away from Sloatgar’s lair that there wouldn’t be any chance of the dragon interfering.
Those rogue magi used an enchanted skiff that was assigned to a larger vessel to sneak up on our heroes. As the heroes slept magical spells were woven that animated bones and plants that should have remained unquickened in the natural order of things. These abominations stepped lightly through the forest and as the dragon tail mercenaries slept they launched their attack.
The phrase a “Life or Death fight” could only be applied to half the combatants as the attackers were already dead.
The body counted reached high and Coelric was able to accrue a few more scars before the skeletons and mobile trees were put down.
In the final predawn hours our heroes were able to lure the rogue wizards into a parlay in which it was the magi who had the tables turned on them and were ambushed. The loot gained was the flying ship.
Golvendir wasn’t too comfortable about being aboard a flying ship, but he did have to admit that it was going to be a faster, more comfortable way to travel. His friends thought ahead and brought aboard a couple barrels of soil to keep on hand.
And thus it seemed that the journey to visit Sloatgar would proceed at a faster pace now that they were airborne.



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