Dark Gate has Fallen!

Game Report August 26th
Our band of heroes limped back to the Basilica of St. Whitric to cleanse their wounds and heal from injuries that were gained from combat.
An obligatory visit to Garnish revealed that Sven can make a fairly decent singer when he vocalizes the same song that Wilhad the ghost is performing. Wilhad always charges dearly for any assistance he gives and Sven is now a bit worried about the debt he owns this haunting spirit. Garnis passed along that the orc army had not been seen in quite a few days.
The Dragon’s Tail mercenaries then marched at a double pace to warn the Dark Gate of the Orc Army’s intent and while on the way encountered their old friend the Stone Giant. This “friend” it was decided was best left alone so they avoided him.
Once the Dark Gate was visible it became clear that the Orc army was camped at the foot of it. There was no way the heroes could approach from this side of the gate. They opted then to cross over and deliver their warning from the civilized side of the Bridgandor Mountains.
Coelric was lead scout and discovered a sizable contingent of the Orc Army on this side of Dark Gate. This wasn’t good and meant that soon Dark Gate might be surrounded. He evaded many scouts and guards and eventually made it to the gate itself.

From up on top of the battlements stood their old Nemesis Cenbold plus their new enemy Roargad the chief of the Orc Clan and head of the evil army. It suddenly became evident that Dark Gate was held by the very people it was supposed to keep out.
The heroes then leapt into action with the Battle cry “We’re mercenaries. We don’t think; we do!” and a bold frontal assault ensued.
It was decided that this was the closest they’d ever come to getting the Moonsword out from Roargad’s clutches. A smash and grab or hyper-accurate strike to lop off the leadership of this army and then run away would be the only way to survive the confrontation.
Golvendir conjured up an Earthen ramp that allowed the heroic mercenaries the chance to run up and have a face to face confrontation with their enemies.

As the party ran up the ramp a few orc archers released a scattering of arrows that wounded and slowed down their advance. The individual members then dealt battle each according to their strengths. Prestollion carved huge swathes of carnation as the rank and file orcs died en masse. Coelric strategically blocked a doorway. Golvendir was finally able to utilize some scrolls that he’d written months ago and sent some golems to do his bidding. Sven was able to score a lucky shot on Cenbold with his “Only once a battle” crossbow. He then ignored the horde of minions and boldly challenged Roargad to personal combat. The two clashed with blow after blow but eventually Sven won and the moon sword then became the possession of Alhwin.
The battle awoke Mogtric the mighty dragon and he bleached out a stream of lava that did great damage not only to the party but the walls and floors of Dark Gate. That is except the party members who had fled the battle running as fast as they could.
In a desperate gambit to not become flambé Golvendir battered with Mogtric. We’d give him his tail back and he wouldn’t kill us.
Mogtric then swooped down and grasped the magi in his claws where he then flew to Garnis the Rat King’s court. Upon reaching the sovereign a potion of regeneration was demanded and as a parting ‘thank you’ the dragon released a bust of lava that covered the throne and audience chamber.


It was Prestollions idea to give the tail back… he knew his companion sneever had it I’m his possession.

Dark Gate has Fallen!

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