fight for freedom

Our ship was on its last leg… Water was coming in faster than we could get it out. Our fearless captain thought without any further problems… Well the horizon showed us a ship… We signaled it. The captain threw his smuggled weapons over board. Much to our surprise it was the Gorgon, the bright blades ship… We thought we were saved at last. They summoned coleric to the ship. They offered him his old job back in exchange for getting his companions to surrender. The church had double crossed us all. They hired them to get rid of the moon sword and us for good. The bright blades wanted to sell us into slavery to earn a little extra profit, making the party work in the copper mines in Emirhad. Coleric lies to blight blades and says that shield breaker is the accursed object they seek. Their leader throws it over board.(yea we decided to play along with the captive part for now)

Everyone except Coelric was chained to the mast of the ship for 2 days. During this time Coelric socialized with all the notable members of the Bright Blades to see if any of them could be counted on as allies but mostly ticked people off. Notable among the Brotherhood of the Bright Blades are:

  1. Leowulf the swift (Coelric’s old mentor)
  2. Hargar the brave (Captain of the Bright Blades)
  3. Touk (dim witted ogre with a pet rat)
  4. Frier Tatric (man of the cloth and of mysterious purpose)
  5. Big Guthin (ranger)
  6. Werhad & Radwold (brothers of the man Prestollion killed in a bar)

“I like the Rat. Rat is my friend.” thought Touk as he swabbed the deck with his mop.
No-one understands me the way my best friend Rat does. He’s always there for me and never lets me down. Not like the others. They laugh and tease me just because I’m big and slow.
Touk then scratched the fur between the ears of his pet rat with his massive finger.
Hagar just doesn’t understand. He not like rats. He tried to kill Rat’s family. That was a sad day Touk recalled and he was glad that he’d given an extra piece of cheese to Rat on the day the Bright Blades cleaned out the bilge.
I’ll let my new friend Coelric play with my best friend. Hopefully Rat and Coelric will get along nicely with each other.

Coelric though was not above manipulating Touk and used the opportunity to try to hide Rat in amongst Werhad & Radwold’s belongings. The only flaw with his thinking was that he was on a ship full of thieves, cutthroats and robbers. Coelric was spotted in his attempt. Perhaps it was the brothers or maybe anyone who mistrusted Coelric but Rat was removed from that location, killed, and placed in Coelric’s backpack.
When Touk was informed of this he went into a rage. As Coelric and Touk fought Coelric had lost his will to fight because he didn’t want to kill Touk (just use him). Preferring to dodge instead of backstab Coelric delayed the fight long enough that eventually Hargar came out of his cabin and broke up the fight.

we plan to escape at night. With the help of Coleric and the party wizard. We have been set free and are about to make our way below deck to get ready for battle. We need our weapons and armor. This is the fight for freedom death or slavery… The party has never faced a foe such as this. The blades have many heroes. We must win this fight. We must not be defeated. Hopefully coleric has everything in place for us.



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