fighting chance

I believe that leowulf and guthin will aid us in the fight maybe… I think the priest is a wizard of some kind… He is not to be taken lightly. I believe the brothers will be easily defeated…(there was three of them) The leader of the blades and their ogre will be the hardest to beat.I think we can make it threw this if we work as a team.


Why do you think Guthin will help us? I don’t recall anything that he did that makes him seem friendly.
I did occur to me that Wilhad the Ghost could do some scouting for us. Maybe tip us off as to when the best time to spring the escape is. He could also go and look at the Captain’s maps and tell us if we’re near an island or coast.
Sven is still indebted to Wilhad about the lip-synced song in the Rat King Court and needs to sing a song to Brittany so I’m not sure if Wilhad will help this time.

fighting chance

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