Moon rise over Cardone

I think Labor Day weekend has caused me to forget details about the game session. Here’s an outline and if we agree then (if I have time) I’ll turn this into a narrative.
Outline of game session.
1.We made it back to the Dragon’s tail Inn and healed for a couple weeks.
2. We volunteered to join the army and we each used our strengths to win the battle and reclaim Dark Gate.
3. We went to the capitol city, Cardone, and there was told to leave quickly so the moon sword doesn’t get confiscated by the king.
4. We then headed south down the road to the coast so we go to the island that’s ruled by magicians.
What other events happened?
What were the quirky and humorous or bold and brave encounters we had?

(I do like my title for this post though)

I just remember the chicken flight potion. and when Golvender got “mind fog” that Bryan said he clucked like a hen. That was funny enough to be included in the written up.


What about the part were we rescued the lord… and I thought we were gonna stay in the city a day or two more and try to find out who is hiring all the mercenaries. Then leave the city if its not anything important or more interesting.

Moon rise over Cardone

Yes we did rescue the Lord of Innsly, who also commands Dark Gate. I’ll get his name once done typing here.

Moon rise over Cardone

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