The Kraken Rises!

Outline Sept 9th
1. Prestollion is in a bar fight.
2. We leave town
3. Bandits in the woods
4. More bandits (probably friends) in the woods attack the original bandits.
5. We charter a Ship named Philippe of the Sea. The captain’s name = Guy of Avon
6. Kraken attacks.

Here’s 2 – 4.

It was with great Haste… (after shopping for weapons)… and with great speed…. (after purchasing some potions) and without any deliberation … (after doing some heraldic research) that the party of heroes set out to the coast of the Eternal Sea.

Their task was simple get the Moon Sword out of the kingdom before the King knew of its existence. As they traveled the road at a certain bend a band of bandits ambushed the heroes. Their response to the threat was to press the attack to the right flank Coelric and Prestollion were already on that side so Sven and Alhwin crossed the field to lend assistance.

This tactic created an opening on the left flank which would not have been a weakness except for when the battle had only been engaged for a few moments when a second band of thieves joined the fray.

Was this a second wave of enemies?

Coelric recognized some of this new group as his old friends who he used to carouse with.
Golvendir determined that hiding the party’s wealth was the best option when faced with this quantity of thieves and bandits in the vicinity.

Much to the party’s surprise and relief Coelric’s old friends left as mysteriously as they appeared. It would seem that they were playing some sort of guardian role and making sure the Moon Sword made it out of the kingdom. Though grateful the party was left with more questions than answers.

Here’s my entry for #6.

Sven once again faced an enormous foe. He’d heard the party whisper about him being a coward and Prestollion had basically shunned him since the battle on Dark Gate. That Dragon still haunts his dreams. But in that battle he had nothing left. He’d given his all to defeat Roargad and Cenbold. In that battle he was fatigued, bruised, battered and perhaps his faith had even faltered for a bit. He had trusted in the Strength of his Arms, the arms of man, instead of putting his faith in the divine. And in that moment of only relaying on the strength of his body he ran.

Today was going to be different though. It was with a revival of his oaths that he was now prepare; his soul and spirit were also in this fight. But words and prayers are one thing. What’s really needed is a leap of faith to prove his intent with action and then he’d have moved beyond the mere words.

It was with Alhwin’s urging that the Kraken became the target for his holy might. Leaping from the crow’s nest he and Alhwin collided with the sea beast. The grappling, stabbing, and plunging caused the salty sea to froth with blood, and slime.
An oath of anger and purpose erupted from Sven’s mouth.

“To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee; For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee. Ye damned whale kraken.”

Sven road the sea monster as it dived into the depths. In desperation he thought of the potion of Water Breathing that Golvendir had purchased for him, but it was impossible to unstopper the cork for it was all he could do to hold on.

Eventually the tangled two breached the surface again and Sven was flung free from off the beast. Exhausted and half drown he dog-paddled to the magic table that was part of the flotsom. Nearly collapsing he clung to it eventually having to make room for a few companions and there they bobbed until a rescue line was thrown.



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