Lord Utmer

Undead lord of Naylore


He appears as a mighty undead warrior in full plate armor with a magic axe.


Utmer was lord of the city of Naylore (in Mercosa) durring the time of troubles. He needed a safe place away from his personal residence to conduct certain neferious business. So he struck a deal with the priest in charge of the Basilica of St. Wihtric. The temple had fallen on hard times because pilgrems stopped comming due to widespread lawlessness at that time. The temple’s catacombs became Utmer’s gambling den and secret meeting place. Much money was made and the temple got a cut of the action to keep it secret. After a time a high ranking church official found out about the whole affair and sealed up the catacombs with everyone inside. Utmer continued on after death in his secret den with all his undead vassels who took oaths of servitude when they were still alive. A few hundred years later the party arrives and brings about his demise. He is now dead dead, as opposed to undead.

Lord Utmer

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