A Great Victory

The group had decided to head back to our hide out in the cursed lands so that our hurt companions could be healed. We were walking so it was taking longer than we had wanted. Luckily for us us a couple handfulls of orcs showed up on horses. Well sorta horses… they were slightly mutated. We had no choice but to slay them and take their horses. After that we decided to call it a night because it was late. While resting a giant stone man tried to attack us… we convinced him we were part of the orc army and instead of killing us he stayed with us… with our new friend came new information on the army. He said something about a siege tower or something. Then the group decided we could trick our new friend into helping us defeat the chimera( the three headed beast ) so like that we were off to slay the mighty beast. Once there we mad short work of it with our new friend. Once dead it disappeared… then it began to rain in the cursed lands… when’s the last time its done that? It has to he a good sign. Who knows were our next weeks we led us…

The Palace Dungeons

While searching the ruins of the capital of Mercosa, Dorax complains about being in debt and having his glory days behind him. In a moment of weakness he reveals that the oracle told him that he will have no more great victories before him. The group tries to cheer him up to little effect.

The ruins of the palace is located and the party investigates. Coelric finds a mysterious old woman by the name of Gretchen of the hill. She mocks the group but does reveal that the one responsible for the cursing of the land still lives in the prison below the palace ruins. The party tries to question her further but she vanishes.

The entrance to the dungeon is found and all enter except Dorax who stays behind to watch the horses. In the guardroom, records of the prison inmates are found. The papers indicate that the warring princes were also housed here and never released. The guard’s key rack is empty.

Exploring the prison, the party finds the various cells unlocked and filled with vile undead creatures. At one point Plegrum falls in a pit and is nearly devoured by a purple ooze. In attempting to rescue him he is accidentaly set on fire and pelted with magic rocks by the party. Plegrum manages to survive the parties rescue attempt and the group continues exploring.

The group encounters skeletons and fishmen in the wet cavern areas. The battles get harder and the undead have a bad habit of rising to fight again and again. One of the undead princes joins the fight and sends his pet undead dire weasels into the mix. Prestollion is taken over by the prince’s evil charms and stabs Plegrum nearly killing him. Wilda is badly wounded in the fight and is carried off by the prince to the torture chamber. Eventually the group prevails and chases down the evil lord.

In the torture chamber the group faces off with the evil prince managing to chop off a couple of his limbs. Through interogation and examination of the prince’s private notes the party discovers that the prince received the moon sword from a mysterious old woman who told him it would bring him great power. Thinking that this would be what he needed to get the throne, he took up arms against his brother. Things did not go as planned: the civil war dragged on, the moon sword was lost and he was eventually imprisoned. The party satisfied with this info then finished off the evil undead prince.

The party then mopped up the dungeon of remaining monsters and undead. The other prince’s smashed remains were located. An evil idol was looted from some inhuman fishmen. The weary group then headed for the exit confidant in their hard won victory. Outside a battle was raging between Dorax and a chimera. The dwarven hero fell to the beast and the party was trapped inside the dungeon. Thinking things over, Alhwin and Sven Rockwell figured out that the monster was a manifestation of the evils of the land and its heads represented the different members of the royal family. Golvendir took this knowledge and tricked the creature into fighting itself. While the monster’s heads fought, the group fled. The old woman in the ruins laughed as the party ran away.

The Bluestone Tower

I Beoric, appointed leader of the 5th conclave of wizards, asks my fellow wizards to aid me in safeguarding the symbols of our kingdom. As you know our kingdom has had many misfortunes in recent years: civil war, monster incursions and foreign occupation. The soothsayers have warned that our nation will collapse, but one day it may rise again. We must prepare for that day!

I propose we take the Bluestone tower we were building to house the victims of miscast magic and re-purpose it to protect the crown jewels and other treasures of our people. Because it is impossible to know who will be the next king of Mercosa, we must build into the tower a series of tests to make sure only one who is worthy to sit upon the throne may claim its treasures.

Food for thought

We found the old crown and some ripped robe in the wizards tower we explored last. What does it mean. What does it mean about the dragon orc army that we must stop. How do you stop a dragon. We have part of his tail. Well sneever does anyway. Where do we go from here? How do we lift the curse from the lands. Will we ever be able to. Where will our next adventure take us. Hopefully we will find answers soon.

Oracle at Bandire

The Oracle at Bandire
(July 15 Game Summary.)
Dorax strongly advised us not to go to the oracle at Bandire. So of course we headed straight to it.
As we crested a hill we noticed a sizable gang of orcs fighting the Oracle’s guardian in solitary combat. The guardian at this time was a huge ogre.

We decided for a quick, decisive and powerful frontal assault. Prestollion, Alhwin and Dorax wouldn’t have it any other way. On the flanks were Sven and Coelric. We were going to do this headlong attack anyhow but we rationalized it as a good idea as we didn’t want the orcs to accomplish whatever it was that brought them here.

With great timing, just before we collided with the orcs, Golvendir cast from his staff an earthquake spell that toppled humanoids and buildings alike.

Sven RockwellSven on the left flank took that opportunity to trample, with his horse, several fallen orcs. On the Right flank Sneever was able to do some backstabbing that might have been his first kill since joining our group.

Having dispatched with the orcs it was our turn to talk to the Oracle. The Oracle resembled a bronze statue that was blindfolded. This was more than smelted metal however as the creature had the gift of psychic Sight and omniscience. It would answer any question provided that the asker defeat his current guardian. From the Oracle’s point of view this ensured a consistent, improving of his guardian.

Dorax had been here before and had already asked his once-in –life-time question and thus had no interest in coming here in the first place.

Golvendir Golvendirsummoned up an Earth Elemental that in combat defeated the ogre. Thus giving us an opportunity to ask our questions and as a side effect giving the oracle an even stronger guardian.

The first question asked was “How can the cursed lands be restored?” The answer was The binder of fate must be returned to its master the moon goddess Cyless.

The second question was “Where is Sloatgar and his offspring?” The answer is he has gone off to the island of the wizards known as Lothacia. (That is where magicians have taken over as the noble class and mundane humans are treated as serfs.)

The third question was “Where is the moonsword?” The answer is that it is in Roargad, the orc chief’s possession.

The fourth question was “Where is Roargad?” The answer was he is traveling toward Naylore to gain the favors of the Rat King.

The fifth question asked was “What is the binder of Fate?” The answer was it is the will of Cyless upon the Earth.
Sneever asked what is the most delicious of foods and the answer was Fruit of Gulnor.

Wilda asked a question concerning how to cure her curse and she was told to prove she was more human than nonhuman.

Plegrum ask “Why is magic hard?” Answer is the minds of men are nothing compared to the minds of the Gods.

At the end an answer was given but the question wasn’t voiced aloud. The oracle’s voice boomed “Sven must die.”

As the party left the Oracle with more questions than they came in with Prestollion decided to throw the magically cursed Demon Sword (that had a soul entrapped inside it) behind the Earth elemental guardian as it was the best location to keep it safe and out of the wrong hands.

When our group of guild members made their way to Naylore the ruined city that contains the Basilica of St. Wihtric they learned that Garness, the Rat King, had just decided to join forces with the Orc army who is being led by Roartgar. One of the main deciding points why the Rat men joined in common cause with the Orcs was that a Dragon had also enlisted.

Dorax's Stash

Summary of Game Session July 8th
Our band of heroes looked out at Innsly and pondered the changes that had taken place. Edrick has now replaced his father as the lord of the land and has changed a lot of things. He’s closed down the private menagerie and dispatched with many of the legal loopholes that once were enjoyed by members of the Dragon’s Tail guild.
Before leaving town the heroes hide their pooled money inside a tomb in the cemetery across the street for the guild hall.
The party of adventurers took on Dorax as a guide into the cursed lands. He owns a map that shows the locations of various watering holes which should allow for resupplying. He agreed to lead our band of adventurers because he wanted to recover an old stash of his consisting of loot and coins gathered from his previous exploits.
The old tomb was found and there was an impressive statue to Grindor the Dwarven hero who’s tomb it was.
Dorax ’s excitement quickly became rage when he learned that all of his belongings had been removed. A thorough search of the tomb discovered a secret door in the rear chamber that Dorax said wasn’t there in the past.
The group surged down the hallway with Dorax unyielding in his headlong charge. Trap after Trap were sprung by the party but for the most part Dorax was adsorbing the damage and still running as a surprise bold attack was the only strategy that Dorax understood.
Eventually the unmanned traps gave way to Murder Holes with Dark Elven crossbowmen in position. Our magic user changed some traps that would have pinned us down to mere rough terrain obstacles this allowed Dorax to continue his charge only being slowed down a little bit due to his wounds.
As the Heroes defeated the last of the mortal elves something supernatural and utterly immortal caused them to not claim complete victory this day.
Listora a demon as powerful as she was good looking had been summoned and was entrapped in a conjuring circle. It was decided that there was nothing the party could do if combat occurred so instead they opted to collapse the ceiling and walls in the chambers deeper into the cave network and in the closer to the surface. This would ensure that even if Listora couldn’t be killed no Dark Elf would be able to interact with her.
In the aftermath of the encounter many books and scrolls were found that dealt with the occult. The sword that the main Dark Elf Magi wielded contained a soul in it. This sword was in communication with Prestollion and was urging him to kill Golvendir

Rockwell Family Letters 2

Game session July 8th

To: Anshelm Rockwell
Initiate Monk in the Solon Monastery.
City of West Castle

From: Sven Rockwell
C/O Dragon’s Tail Inn
City of Innsley.

Dear Little Brother,
I’m very confident that I and my companions have found the lost crypt of Saint Wihtric. We were able to do so because we followed the information you’d sent. It is intact and has not been polluted by the corrupt creatures of the cursed lands.
The eastern synod in Lorheath needs to be informed of this but I’ve not been able to contact the local ecclesiastical authorities due to recent political events and in a few days I will be returning to the Cursed Lands. We have a guide now who says he can direct us to a couple waterholes which will aid us in exploring.
I need you to contact in letter if need be, but in person if possible the synod and convince them to send an official who can verify that it is indeed Saint Wihtric and his basilica.
I don’t know when I’ll return to Innsley but supplies only last so long. Upon returning I’d be willing to escort the official to the location.

Almost a Civil War

Two hundred years in the future a monk was given the task of writing the history of Insley. At first this task was looked upon with great joy as this particular monk was always a history buff and enjoyed living life vicariously through the heroes of old.
He wept with sadness at times and his heart pumped in fear at others as he composed his essays about the Dragon’s Tale guild.
Then he came to a low. At first he thought it was “writer’s block” but out of monk-like devotion he persevered in writing. That’s when it occurred to him it wasn’t he himself; it was the era he was trying to write about.
It would appear that the true heroes of the Dragon’s Tale Guild sat out on the sidelines during what could have been some of the most epic of plots and drama that occurred during the months he was writing about.
A knight was killed. A Duke imprisoned. The kingdom was basically at civil war due to one Lord being involved in the death of another’s son but the heroes (whom the monk had previously idealized) were not in the thick of the conflict!
The most that he was able to find in his research was they did carry the message to Lord Ulwine about the Duke being held captive in Lord Radmond’s castle.
From what he was able to research it was Sir Oftgar who discovered the vital clue. It was a codex about creatures that became the evidence needed to link Lord Radmond to the death of Lord Ulwine’s son.
Where the monk had hoped it would be the underdog mercenaries who saved the day it turned about to be this one nobleman who did the most heroic deeds. He boldly charged Lord Radmond with the crimes and thus was silenced by the over powering mob of Radmond’s personal guards.
In the monk’s opinion noble deeds done by commoners are somehow even nobler. When an actual knight does them… well they’re supposed to… so it’s not as grand.
Thus it was in near boredom that he finished his brief summary of those few months and he could only hope that his research would once again become exciting.

The Codex

Game summary June 17
Sir Oftgar of Norif made a quick assessment of Sven. The assessment read like a shopping list with no need for extra words.
Combat trained

Oftgar could tell that Sven approached him and even began this conversation as a means to reconnoiter more about himself, but Offgar read more about Sven than he gave. Oftgar almost smiled when he so easily got Sven to tell who his true friends were out of all those that claim to Dragon’s Tale mercenaries.
“Oh them, yeah we just got back from the Cursed Lands. They do seem to have challenged that Dwarf to a drinking contest.”

And how simple it was to ascertain if Sven and his group of friends were loyal to Lord Radmund.

“Did you hear about the evil force called the WatchTower that possessed Lord Radmond’s tower? It’s hard to believe that a nobleman would put his desire for a diverse menagerie above the safety of his subjects!”

Sometimes Oftgar didn’t even have to bait in the conversation with leading questions. He only had to nod his head and that was enough encouragement to keep Sven talking.

“And his son isn’t much better. Egric is in charge of the gate that leads into the Cursed Lands and would you believe they charged us double when we tried to re-enter the kingdom!”

Oftgar’s eyes narrowed as he concluded that this group of friends was slightly different than the rabble that constitutes most of the Dragon’s Tale mercenaries. Sven and his friends were not indebted to Lord Radmund by a business or social blackmail; nor were they simply to be sold to the highest bidder like most coin-addicted mercenaries are. They were true Free-Lancers. They had a cause deeper than that of local politics. Perhaps that cause might inspire this party of adventurers to do something … well something noticeable. Oftgar needed to know what motivated them.

“And while there in the cathedral we found the remains of Saint Wihtric. Wouldn’t it be neat if pilgrims once again traveled there to pay their respects? Pilgrimages might be the best way to go about establishing our own kingdom out in the Cursed Lands just like King Leomer offered in his proclamation”

Oftgar almost laughed out loud at the naivety of Sven but played it off as feigned interest in the drinking match. In his gruff voice he said “It looks like your friend is slowing down. He’s going to have one huge headache in the morning.”
After Oftgar had gleaned all the information he could out of Sven he left for his room leaving Sven alone.

Sven then went to tell his friends all that he’d learned about Oftgar. This amounted to about the same as the public information that could be read in any playbill from any one of the many jousting tournaments Oftgar had been in.

Sven took mild interest in the drinking contest when he noticed the flames begin to spread across the bar. The flames moved about as though an intelligence were directing them and this turned out to be no regular fire. It had to be a summoned elemental but of a different kind of magic than what Golvendir used. His regular sword made by the hand-of-man passed through without so much as slowing down the creature. Prestollion was having better luck and thus Sven concluded he too must wield at magical weapon if this fire beast was going to be stopped from burning out the whole tavern. From the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of Shield Breaker the war axe that Dorax owned… the war axe that had killed Wilhad the Bard… but there was no time to dwell on that right now.

Prestollion and Sven continued to battle the Fire elemental as Dorax and Coelric drank their way into not caring that the tavern was on fire.

Eventually the Dragon’s Tale mercenaries defeated the monster and decided that Cenbald or rather Cenbald’s daughter Godild was too much of a threat and danger to be left free to roam at will. There was too much at stake if she were to succeed in freeing her father from the dungeon he was held in. Certain members of the party was also curious to see if Cenbald was actually guilty of the crimes he was accused of.

Alhwin and Golvendir made their way to Lord Ramund’s estate where they hoped to not only discuss recent events with him but also gain an audience with Duke Wolfred from Noriff, the neighboring town to the east.
While they were hobnobbing with the noblemen Plegrum was mistaken as one of the servants and was drafted into working in the kitchen and also serving as a waiter.

While that was happening the rest of the party tried to scout out the burnt remains of Cenbald’s home. Along with the important information that was gained the party also picked up a pair of stalkers. The two seemed to be trailing the party and they were recognized as the same pair of scruffy looking ne’er-do-wells that Sir Oftgar was seen talking to early in the evening. Prestollion was able to easily subdue them and via direct intimidation the subsequent interrogation proceeded quite smoothly.

Alhwin was able to gather some background about the events leading up to Cenbald being declared a “Wolf’s head” by talking to Cenbald’s brother.

Finally in the wee hours of the morning, just before dawn was to break the party was able to conference together at the Dragon’s tale tavern and put together the different parts of the jigsaw puzzle.

First it appears as though Cenbald was hired by Lord Ramund to acquire the Hirden Codex (a treatise on the monsters that live on the haunted coast).
Somehow when Cenbald went to do that Lord Ulwine’s son was killed. The party assumes Ulwine’s son was the original owner and it is not known if Cenbald succeeded in acquiring it.
Cenbald went to Lord Ramund asking for more money. In response Ramund went to the Dragon’s tale Mercenary group and placed a bounty on Cenbald.

Those Mercenaries, excluding Dorax, then set fire to Cenbald’s home killing his wife. Cenbald and his apprentice Earth Mage daughter were able to pass through the rock wall and escape.

Sir Oftgar’s connection to this mess is that he’s been ordered by Lord Ulwine to investigate the motives behind his son’s death.

Prestollions thoughts

I think Sneever will be of great use to the party… I also want to head back to the cursed lands to help rid it or the evil that inhabit it…..(i like to fight) I fell that us being in town is bad timing we will have to fight Cenbalds daughter of at least her evil plan… I fell we should head back to the cursed lands… I don’t know why but i fill compled to go back. I must save the cursed lands and help all those who fall to its evil….thank you my eleven companion for writing this down for all to see.


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