Dungeon of Darkness (training adventure)

This was the first adventure and was a training ground for the party to explore the rules mechanics, basic combat strategy and just have fun killing mooks.

The heroic band of adventurers came upon the hamlet of Norfield and discovered that it had been the victim of multiple raids from highway robbers who’d been ambushing anyone traveling between the town and its neighbors.
Robert the Miller was the most recent victim and it was from him that the party learned the location of where he was robbed. Using the crime scene as a starting point the location of the hidden base inside a cave in the Brigindor Mountains was discovered.
After crossing a plank bridge which in truth was a misdirection trap that lead to some large spiders the heroes discovered that there was a fairly large sized contingent of Dark Elves.
The heroic guardians found themselves in pitched battle and for the first time had to rely on each other if they were going to survive. As the melee grew into a free-for-all each character discovered his strength.

Coelric nearly singlehandedly defeated a squad of crossbowmen that surely would have released volley after volley on his friends if he hadn’t acted swiftly.

Prestollion proved that stereotypes should be ignored when he battled his kin in blood to protect those kindred spirits in the town of Norfield. He swept mooks aside in swaths.

Golvendir earned his first self proclaimed name when he parted the ground around a cave troll allowing is compatriots to deal death on a equal footing. “Sandman” is sure to acquire many more names most of them earned and few that aren’t.

Alhwin proved his worth when he was able to determine the true nature of an aquatic beast that liked to “fish” for man.

But all the above mentioned deeds pale next to the actions of Sven Rockwell. Bravery worthy of song and daring recanted in many bedtime stories he bolding waded through the hoard of lesser fiends and directly challenged the Dark Elf Shaman. So full of virtue and righteous might was this Paladin in training that the shaman ran away in fear.

When the dust cleared and the threat of the Dark Elves was eliminated the conquerors returned to Norfield to a hero’s welcome.

Joining the Union

March 11
The party became members of the Dragon’s tail mercenary union.

The protagonists traveled to the town of Insley to seek out one specific tavern. They had heard stories of legend and lore regarding the near mythical status of the swashbuckling adventures who’d risked life and limb as they spread the fame of the Dragon’s tail Inn.

Reality is never a match for fable and time has not been kind to the town and Inn. The only thing to have prospered is the cemetery. There many dead heroes have memorials erected. Most are hollow markers as not even the dead bodies made it back to be entombed. The survivors of those once great bands were mostly likely the cowardly ones who ran and it is they who inherited the “mantel” of being a Dragon’s Tail Inn guild member. And thus over time instead of dreams of future quests there is only nightmares of failed ones. Some of those fallen heroes, such as Dorax, now only take glory in bar brawls as they boast of better times when they were great men.
It was Dorax who picked a fight with Sven and in the ensuing scuffle an innocent bystander, Wilhad the Bard, was killed.

Coelric is never a man to “kiss and tell” … that’s because he’s rarely been given the opportunity to kiss… but he did happen to meet Brihtny in the town’s market.

Golvendir met the acquaintance of Osgyth the sage, and from him he learned about a great evil.

While staying in the Dragon’s Tail Inn the adventurers had their room broken into by two flying demons. It turned out that these were sent by the Watchtower.

It was discovered that Lord Radmund collects monsters and plans to capture the greatest of all monsters, the unseen beast. This is pure madness and the group is approached by the Watchtower’s minions to stop this and save the place where it resides.

The party sneaked into the Lord’s castle and freed the cursed elf being used as bait from the dungeons. Then the party moved on to Brihtny’s tower to confront the Watchtower. The evil entity was possesing the tower and its focus of power was in a twisted stone gargoyle at the top. Many demons great and small were slain in order to get to the gargoyle. Golvendir distroyed the statue, banishing the Watchtower’s evil presence from the town.

the great prestollion

Last friday the great dark elf Prestollion leaped from the top of the demonic tower to finish of the big demon daddy. He stabbed it in the back ridding it all the way to the ground….

Rockwell Family Letters

To: Anshelm Rockwell
Initiate Monk in the Solon Monastery.
City of West Castle

From: Sven Rockwell
C/O Dragon’s Tail Inn
City of Innsley.

Hey Little Brother,
I wanted to drop a quick note giving you a little update about what I’ve been doing and to ask a favor of you. First, being out of the monastery and the seeing the world has been an eye opener. I keep myself regimented to the same schedule kept by my order, but it’s very tempting to sleep in when there isn’t a drill sergeant shouting at me.

I’ve become acquainted with a squad… no, that’s not right. They’re definitely not squad of soldiers like I’m used to from the training grounds. Let’s call them comrades in arms. We’ve been able to do some real good in the world. We were able to free a small hamlet of peasant farmers from a Dark Elf clan that had been raiding them. Seeing those victimized farmers kind of reminded me of how we lost our parents. They were honest, hardworking folk who were over powered by evil forces. I’m glad I was able to even the score and help the village.

I’ve joined the mercenary union headquartered in the Dragon’s Tail Inn. Do you remember how father used to tell us stories about them? It’s a bit rougher of a place than what the stories he told implied. In fact my initiation of sorts into the union was a brawl with a drunken dwarf.
On a more serious note an innocent bystander was killed in that fight. I feel guilty about that and I’ve tried to offer a “benediction to the fallen” in honor of him, but I never even knew the guy so it seemed like a hallow prayer. Slaining the Dark Elves to free the peasants seemed like such a worthy endeavor, but now I seem tainted somehow by killing that bystander. It was a complete accident, so I really shouldn’t dwell on it as much as I do.

Well enough about that. I have a favor to ask of you. You know of the Cursed Lands to the North East of the Brigindore Mountains. I and my new friends are contemplating exploring that area. I’ve heard rumors of some ruins that are east of the Dark Gate. Could you go through the records that are in the monastery, and see if there was once a church of Solon there? There’s just some old memory fragment or impression I have about those ruins, but I can’t recall any details right now.

Your loving Brother,

The road to adventure

Having defeated the Watchtower, the party recieves reward money from Lord Radmund. The party then decides to spend the money on equipment so they may go to The Cursed Lands. A couple of days ago a messager from the king spoke to the members of the Dragon’s tail, telling them that if the cursed lands could be cleared of monsters those responsible would be given titles and lands. Most of those present laughed but the party decided to take on the quest out of inexperience with the area.

Although not in the Cursed Lands yet the roads in this part of the realm are a wild and ungoverned place where roaming bands of marauders monsters have roamed unchecked until now.

Now equiped the party sets out on the road to Dark Gate. After several hours the party comes upon a group of fire hobgoblins with a woman captive. The party kills most of the hobgoblins but a couple get away. The woman is freed and she says her name is Godhild, a merchant’s daughter whos trading caravan was overun by goblins the day before. She joins the party for protection until they can arrive at Dark Gate. Both Coelric and Plegrum are taken by her charms. One of the wounded hobgoblins is interogated by the party and they learn of thier plan to meet up with Cenbald the mage and somehow undermine the defenses of Dark Gate.

While camped for the night a group of goblins try to sneak up on the party, but the party had plenty of notice thanks to a watchful sentry. A large band of goblins along with a couple of wounded hobgoblins from the previous encounter move up upon the campsite. Cenbald the mage is with them and he has an earth elemental under his command. While the battle rages Godhild betrays the party and stabs Plegrum in the back. Many goblins fall in the battle and the party takes quite a beating. In the end: Cenbald the mage is captured and Godhild gets away along with 3 goblin archers.

The night attack on the party left them seriously wounded. Their plans to enter the Cursed Lands might have to be delayed as they heal and regather their resources. Although bold deeds and heroic acts were done by all involved, they were not coordinated, and that left individuals in the party vulnerable to the attacks of the monsters.

Sven for one realized that his crossbow has serious limitations. His friends were in harm’s way and a rescue attempt almost failed because of its slow rate of fire. Besides, there’s much more honor and glory to be had in facing one’s opponents in hand-to-hand combat instead of the ranged combat that archery has.

Sven knows that his drill sergeants back at the monistic barracks would not have been pleased with how haphazard his unit’s attack and defense plans were. He’ll have to take up the subject of practice drills with Prestollion as he is the one who might best see the benefits in what he’s proposing. Golvendir and Coelric will most likely balk at anything resembling real work. It’s so hard to install a sense of duty in the honorless.

When Godhild attacked Plegrum it caught the whole party by surprise. From now on we’ll have to each be on our guard against the treachery that lies behind a pretty face. Some unanswered questions though still remain. One being was the girl simply bait for the trap or was she honestly trying to escape her father and attacking Peon was simply the quickest means to running away a second time. Occam’s razor dictates that she was bait, but still there might be a deeper plot in the story of her family history.

Meanwhile Sven has had trouble sleeping due to reoccurring dreams that border on being full-fledged nightmares, but in the morning all he can remember of the event is a fleeting impression of music played on a lute.

The gate

After capturing and interogating Cenbald the mage, the party decides to continue on to Dark Gate and turn him over to the garrison there. Durring the interogation of Cenbald it is discovered that there was a disagreement with the Dragon’s tail guild and Cenbald over money concerning a mission for Lord Radmund. According to Cenbald the guild burnt down his house killing his wife. The exact details are somewhat murky and the party is unable to learn more about the incedent at this time other than Dorax was somehow involved.

Upon arriving at Dark Gate the party turns the captive over to Egric the gatekeeper in exchange for a couple nights accomodations and some forgotten bits of traveling gear. The party’s host does not think highly of mercenaries and avoids the group as much as possible. Durring the brief stay, the party checks out the defenses of the gate and finds it quite formitable despite its lack of good upkeep.

Now all healed, the party sets out for the cursed lands. The guards at the gate try to get the party to pay for passage but the party refuses saying that Lord Radmund gave them pemission to pass. Once the party passes through the gate the guards taunt the party saying they will get payment when the party tries to leave the Cursed Lands. While passing through the mountain pass several orc scouts watch on hilltops but do nothing.

Dragon's Den

(Game report from April 8th 2011)

Dragon’s Den
“What happens in the Cave stays in the Cave.”
Our heroes from the Dragon’s tail tavern began their journey into the cursed lands. Coelric served as scout while searching for a source of water when he led the party to a large hole in the ground. The hole did have water at its bottom, but it was mostly filled with trouble.

This grotto was the home of an ancient dragon; one that was stricken with love. Perhaps it’s inexplicable why wyrms are fond of human maidens, and this was another case of infatuation leading to captivity.

To the best of their abilities the heroes were able to puzzle out that the dragon named Atordrax had created a bedroom of sorts in the back corner of his lair. There was a bedroom set of furniture and a wardrobe filled with women’s clothes.

A puzzling item that Golvendir was able to shed some light on was a free standing wall. It turns out to have been part of a farmstead and the dragon must have transported it into the cave to create a privacy screen of sorts for the captive maiden.

A couple adventurers saw for a flitting moment what they thought was the lady in question. It now appears as though she might have been a ghost.

Not all ghosts resident in the cave, one was brought into the cave with them. It was trailing Sven and it now appears that what was once simply disturbing his dreams is haunting him while he’s awake. Sven is not sure what to do with this apparition, and has only confided in a few of his companions that he is seeing Wilhad the Bard.

When the senile dragon came home he confused a few of the adventurers with his captive and her sisters. Some call it camouflage others call it cross dressing, regardless it did occur. But “What happened in the Cave stays in the Cave.”

Alhwin’s animal training skills proved to have no bounds he when attempted to fly his horse… twice… through the air and into the pool of water below.

Golvendir learned that even if his human friends are willing to wear camouflage (er.. cross dress) that doesn’t mean Earth Golems will and sometimes the summoned turns on the summoner.

Via the Earth Mage’s spells an escape tunnel was fashioned allowing Coelric to play prairie dog and poke his head above the ground and sniff around for danger. It turned out that he found himself in the middle of the Orc encampment.

By an accidental coincidence the enraged dragon erupted from the lair to find the Orc army surrounding is home it was in the ensuing confusion that the Dragon’s Tail Mercenaries escaped.

Sven the cross dresser

the amazing Sven has killed many of monsters and people..(this includes the bard he claims to still see) however in the dragons cave he shifts gears and becomes a cross dresser… he was demanded by the dragon to change clothes into a dress… sadly he accepted… the great prestollion would not change clothes… thanks to our amazing wizard and one of our bravest warriors we were able to escape the dragons den… there was talk of a shadowed women in the cave that when spoken to would not respond and wouldnt leave the place… this raises many questions as to was she real, what was she doing there and why she wouldnt leave??? the dragon was busy destroying a army of goblins when we made our amazing escape… well something like that… all that matters is we all live to fight another day! we await the adventure of this coming friday…

The myth of the dragon

Why does everybody insist on claiming we encountered a dragon? I thought I was perfectly clear, there was no dragon, there was no mysterious maiden, and an earth elemental at no time ended up dressed up as a woman. It was all hallucinations brought on by the heat.


The road to ruin(s)

The party heads deep into the Cursed Lands traveling twards a ruined city said to be a few days travel from Dark Gate. Water is always in short supply so whenever the group comes across some bad water they collect it and purify it using alchemy. It takes 3 days to get to the ruins. Durring thier travels they are attacked by a group of dire weasels, a hydra snake, and a large poison gas producing monster all in separate encounters.

Finaly the group arrives at the ruined city. Almost at once the party is ambushed by a mob of ratmen along with a ratman mage. The party does a good job of hacking through the ratmen but not before the mage hurls a few curses at the party. Alhwin is unable to keep a hold on his weapons due to the curse and every time Prestollion takes a step it sounds like he is stepping on a duck making it impossible to be sneaky. The ratman mage flees the combat but is hunted down by Coelric and captured. The captured mage grovels before the group. The rat mage’s name is Garness and he tells the group the city is run by the rat king who is most fearsome. He also tells the group about a haunted church where the ratmen are afraid to go. The party decides to keep the distrustfull ratman as a guide for now.

It is decided to head back out of town for a day in order to recover from wounds and to see if these nasty curses wear off. After a day the curses wear off and all the party’s water is purified. A Basilisk wanders close to the camp so Golvendir summons a tiny earth elemental to go fight it. The Basilisk is unable to use its petrifing gaze on the earth elemental as it is immune to that sort of attack so the two creatures battle it out. Alhwin tries to get the party to bet on the fight but there are no takers. After a good fight the elemental wins and returns home leaving the basilisk lying incapacitated. The group decides it would be a good idea to capture the basilisk and put blinders on it.

Some of the highlights of the game session: Sven Rockwell got to use his crossbow 3 separate times and the party started to function as a combat unit using actual tactics.


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