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  • Atordrax

    Atordrax lives in a cave that is little more than a hole in the ground in the cursed lands. At some time in the past he had a human maiden living with him in the cave. It may also be possible she still lives there in ghost form. The dragon has done what …

  • Lord Utmer

    Utmer was lord of the city of Naylore (in [[Mercosa | Mercosa]]) durring the time of troubles. He needed a safe place away from his personal residence to conduct certain neferious business. So he struck a deal with the priest in charge of the Basilica of …

  • Mogtric

    One of the offspring of the dragon Sloatgar. The tip of his tail was cut off by [[:hogan-locsmore | Hogan Locsmore]] and displayed in the [[Dragon's tail Inn | Dragon's tail Inn]].

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