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  • Watchtower

    A great evil force that took over a tower in Lord Radmund's castle and was infleuencing everything going on in Insley. It was intangible, invisible, all-seeing, and had numerous demonic servents.

  • the unseen beast

    The unseen beast is a great monster and force of nature that according to legend distroyed the last kingdom of the elves. It is said to be invisible and it hunts down all cursed elves in order to kill them.

  • Cenbald the mage

    Cenbald has a serious grudge against the Dragon's tail guild and seeks its distruction. He was once a member of the guild but was run out of town for reasons unknown to the party. His daughter is [[:cenbald-the-mage | Cenbald the mage]].

  • Godhild

    She shares her father's hatered of the Dragon's Tail for reasons unknown to the party. She is an apprentice mage to her father: [[:cenbald-the-mage | Cenbald the mage]].

  • Lord Utmer

    Utmer was lord of the city of Naylore (in [[Mercosa | Mercosa]]) durring the time of troubles. He needed a safe place away from his personal residence to conduct certain neferious business. So he struck a deal with the priest in charge of the Basilica of …

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