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  • Garness

    He used to be the court mage to the rat king but something went wrong while he was enchanting the king's armor. After [[:gromskit | Gromskit]] was defeated the party set Garness up as the new rat king.

  • Sneever

    Sneever is the dim witted brother of [[:garness | Garness]]. His only skill of note is climbing. He has been convienced to join the party and [[:prestollion | Prestollion]] has taken a liking to him.

  • Gromskit

    He hates his former court mage, [[:garness | Garness]], because of some botched magic being cast on his armor. As it turns out Garness mistakenly enchanted the king's hide instead of his armor. He at one time carried the Sword of Sorrows. The king …

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