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Overview: Certain words have power. At the beginning of the world the gods spoke and all things came into being. The tongue of the gods is known as Arcanum and is the language of magical spells. During the first age, demons stole the secret s of Arcanum and used it for their own aims. For this they were greatly punished but not before they passed on their knowledge to mortal beings. These early wizards found the language of the gods to be extremely difficult so most specialized in certain aspects of Arcanum. Today much of this ancient knowledge has been lost or has been secreted away by rival mages. Using magic is dangerous so mages are trained to use magic sparingly.

Casting magic spells: Each wizard has a magical specialty such as necromancy, divination, healing, combat magic, or whatever. This specialty represents the magic user’s field of knowledge and the mage can only cast spells that fall within the specialty. When a character wants to cast a magic spell, the player must describe the desired effect to the game master. The GM then sets the basic difficulty as he sees fit. If a target’s resistance must be overcome, an appropriate trait of the victim (usually valor) becomes the difficulty. If the trait is lower than whatever the GM deems an appropriate difficulty level of the spell, then it is ignored. If the roll is failed, the magical effect is not what you intended and the GM will determine the consequences of the failed spell. Successfully cast spells have a duration set by the GM.

Consequences of failed spells:
Amount failed by Generic damage() Specific damage to mage Other effects(-)
1 Scratch Mage stunned, make a good valor or fortitude roll to snap out of it. Gain additional +1 to roll each turn. Spell cast on wrong target
2 Hurt Mind fog: -1 to magic until mage rests for a few hours Wrong spell cast
3 Very hurt Mage struck dumb, unable to speak (and cast spells) for a day or so Target or area cursed in some way
4 Incapacitated Body and/or mind warped in some way (gain fault) Create monster(s) or make one(s) more powerful
Spectacular death Mage transforms into a monster Release or summon demon(s)


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