Religion in Lorheath: Religion does not dominate society in Lorheath. People are allowed to worship just about any god they wish unless it involves human sacrifice. The local deities are the same as those worshiped in the other southern kingdoms (the holy family). Temples to foreign deities are virtually unknown in the kingdom. While priests are shown respect the deities they serve are sometimes viewed as immoral or uncaring by some.

Local Deities (the holy family):
Cyless (moon, love, hearth, family life): The most popular deity in Lorheath. Wife of Solon.
Solon (sun & law): The head of the holy family of deities. Popular in Somland.
Durno (earth): First son of Solon & Cyless
Ketra (water): Eldest daughter of Solon & Cyless
Windree (air): Youngest daughter of Solon & Cyless
Baldor (fire): The young wild child of Solon & Cyless

Foreign Deities:
Tor (hunting & war): The primary god of the northlands.
Perseon (knowledge): The revealer of mysteries. God of Emirhad.
Wulgar (craftsman): Primary dwarven god. Said to have forged the world.
Glon (mining): Popular dwarven god. The golden god.
Aeongless (nature): The Elvin goddess of a thousand different forms.
Drath (pain): Popular with monster type races. Practices living sacrifice.
The Neardye (animal spirits): Shamanistic animal demi-gods worshiped by the gnomes.

Religion & Magic: The gods rarely interfere in mortal affairs and therefore don’t normally grant their priests or followers special powers. In rare cases deities may bestow powers to those who are very devout to their religion regardless of actual religious rank.


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