The Day the Constellations Moved

The Day the Constellations Moved.
A sailor was at sea as he tried to align his sexton with the celestial canopy. An unexpected motion caused him to stumble. “Wait that wasn’t the ship moving; the stars I was looking at shifted.”

There above his head was a void where once was the constellation some called Draco used to be.

Meanwhile on a wooded ship too small to be visible to the sailor or anyone on the surface of the planet, Sven pondered his next move. Sloatgar was battling the Universal Dragon and it wasn’t going well for him. The whole of their plan rested on this Dragon vs. Dragon combat, but if their ally was defeated too quickly the distraction he was to serve would be too short of a time span and the Air Ship wouldn’t be able to sneak past.

Sven had faith in the Gods and in this moment that was more of a handicap instead of a benefit. Because of his faith in the divine deities he knew he was a mere mortal and the battle that was being waged and the course they’d set sail upon were way beyond his ability.
Then he remembered one of his favorite passages. The epic tale of David vs. Goliath, and he then knew there was something he could do. Just like how David’s stone smote the giant between the eyes; he’d hurdle the anti-magical blue stone he’d been carrying since the Cursed Lands into the beast that blocked their path.

Across the ship he raced and from the prow he threw the fist-sized stone. It arched through the aether and struck the cosmic dragon.

And it did nothing.
Then it did something bad.

Three small dragonling demons erupted from the spot that the rock hit, so instead of wounding or even distracting the beast Sven’s peril was increased.

Below is a quick summary:
St. Whitric appeared to the bearers of the Moon sword and advised them on how to converse with Smoatgar as they try to get the Dragon’s aid.

The college of Air magic swooped in for an aerial attack.

The flat disk of the planet being supported by the 4 elements is seen. (Some claim those 4 elements were standing on the back of a turtle.)

Smoatgar distracts the Universal Dragon named X.

The ship makes it to the moon and in a “fender – bender” landing the mercenaries disembark next to the tree of X fruit.

Sneever over eats and is now comatose.

Walking across the moon’s surface the heroes come to a valley were all the dead souls go and they might have to face all the people they’ve killed. Wilhad will have to stay there and can’t follow Sven anymore.


Lets not forget about meeting Sloatgar, Alhwin’s battle with himself, the appearance of Saint Whitric, landing on the moon, and Sneever’s fate

The Day the Constellations Moved

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