A charming rogue with an eye for the ladies


Coelric grew up in the village of Dakhaven with his parents: Beogar and Cenhild. His father was a free farmer. Coelric was an adventurous boy who was always getting into trouble but his wit and charm got him through his many misadventures.

Upon becoming a man he was trained by Sigbald, an old soldier who had served in the kings army, to defend himself and his village from attack. Coelric eventualy married Wilith the most beautiful girl in the village and settled down.

One day while hunting with the other men of the village, the town came under attack by bandits. Coelric and the the other menfolk rushed back and there was much fighting. One of the bandits tried to take Wilith but she fought back to defend her honor at the cost of her life. The remaining bandits were driven off.

Coelric was greatly affected by the loss of his wife and was griefstricken. After the appropriate time for grieving had passed his father urged him to leave the area and find purpose in life. So he hooked up with the Brotherhood of the bright blade, a mercenary company under the leadership of Hargar the brave. While in the mercenary band he became the student of Leowulf the swift, the group’s leading scout, and learned all about tracking, traps and all the other skills of a thief.

The mercenary group traveled all through out the kingdom. During this time Coelric meet many women but after what happened to his wife he could not bring himself to love another so he became a love em and leave em type.

In time he meet his current companions. Remembering all the stories his father had told him about the heroes of the Dragon’s tail, he decided to leave the brotherhood and travel to Insley to join a group of heroes with true purpose.


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