Desert elf earth mage seeing the world for the first time. Kind of a dick, but he can't help it.


Might: Mediocre
Valor: Fair (Resist Evil Good, Endurance Great)
Cunning: Fair
Deftness: Fair (Initiative Good)
Craft: Terrible
Lore: Good (Alchemy Great, Occult Lore Great)
Magic: Great (Grasp of Earth Superb)

Golvendir usually fights lightly armored with a sword and crossbow.

His signature spells include The Grasp of the Earth, Stoneskin, and Shape Earth.


Abandoned as a youth in one of the more unremarkable deserts of Emirhad, Golvendir was discovered and taken in by a hut dwelling wizard in robes, much like Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Unlike Obi-Wan Kenobi however, Master Grasp was less the wizened old man, and more the cranky wizard. Still, he did his best to raise Golvendir as the son he never had, and taught him the ways of magic.

Knowing only the uncaring desert sands (Golvendir didn’t discover a temperature between scorching hot and frickin’ cold until he was 54), Golvendir found magic to be the closest thing to an escape from unpleasantness, and took to it immediately and with great aptitude. Being surrounded by miles upon miles of nothing but blasted wastelands and sandstorms, Golvendir quickly became a master of manipulating the only thing he had in abundance: the Earth.

Grasp knew little of the ways of elves, but always made his collection of ancient lore available for Golvendir’s perusal, and would try to bring back any elven trinkets or rumors he could locate during his trips for supplies.

Not strictly malicious, Grasp nonetheless was ill suited to a parental role, and his severe attitude rubbed off on Golvendir. Golvendir respected Grasp, but felt little true affection for the man. When Grasp met his not-so-premature demise in an awkward magical mishap (an incident Golvendir failed to document, and refuses to elaborate upon, perhaps out of a slight lingering sense of duty to Grasp) he decided his time with the desert had passed, and set his sights across the ocean to a land where he could make a new name for himself: Lorheath.

Whilst in port avoiding a pack of brigands (the intricacies of whose culture he had totally failed to understand), Golvendir met the young Plegrum, a scholar visiting Emirhad. Perhaps seeing shades of himself in Plegrum, as well as a total inability to raise enough coin on his own to charter the surprisingly expensive journey, Golvendir decided to prove his worth as a mage and offered to take the young man in as an apprentice. Together they crossed the sea and arrived in Lorheath, ready to make names for themselves.


Raised in a particularly severe environment, Golvendir had little experience interacting with anybody outside of his master Grasp, and knew little in the ways of comfort. This has resulted in him having a cynical outlook on life. His often strict utilitarian approach to moral quandaries can be mistaken for malice, but Golvendir believes he simply sees the bigger picture that most other people refuse to grasp.

Golvendir is sometimes quicker than he should be to pursue a less than heroic solution to a problem, having learned early in his studies of magic the dangers of risk. With time, perhaps the more sympathetic views of his traveling companions will rub off on him.

The Many Names of Golvendir

Golvendir is not his birth name, it is an elven phrase meaning “Servant of the Wand” given to him by Grasp. As a child, he read tales of elves who were named for their great deeds, and seeks to define himself by performing great deeds of his own, and thus literally acquiring new titles and names. Some of the titles he has bequeathed upon himself include:

  • Entomber of Trolls
  • Binder of Demons


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