A dark elf wanting to prove that his kind can be trusted


Born in the dark caves of his forefather, Prestollion with his skin as dark as night. his eyes with a slight glow, and most impressive his size for an elf. unlike his clan, he isnt set on havoc and distruction. he only wishes to vanquish evil. Perstollion ultimately wants to prove that not all dark elves cannot be trusted. he has set forth with his companions to the curse land. there, he hopes to play a key role in riding the lands of its curse and finding former elves magical items. Perstollion feels very strongly about helping fellow elves. This is why hes so fond of having a fellow elf “the wizard” in the group. he looks forward to slaughtering thousands of monsters with him.


Wants to obtain ancient magical items left behind by previous elves.The great mighty Prestollion has taken a liking to Sneever because he too has been treated as an outcast. Prestollions family wouldnt treat him like the other elves. They could tell he was going to be differnt. Prestollion feels that Sneever has been abused in this way to. His own brother doesnt care what happens to him so Prestollion knowing what it takes to survive decides to take him under his wing. Hopefully giving him a better life and treating him like a friend not a slave. He hopes to teach him to be able to defend himself abit better. Hopefully one day he can be of some help to all of the party.
Prestollion is tired of being iron maidened


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