Sven Rockwell

A young Palidin on rumspringa.


Sven Rockwell
In his early childhood Sven was raised on a small hamlet near the border of Rydmark and Lorheath.(1) The region was experiencing political instability due to side effects of an inheritance and a broken betrothal. It was during a raid by a minor nobleman of Lorheath that his parents were killed. As orphans, Sven and his brother were adopted by the monks of Solon. (2)
While his brother will most likely become a devoted monk having found agreement with the religious order that raised them, Sven is more inclined to military arts and sees himself more as a protector of the innocent or a guardian against the lawlessness that caused his parent’s death. Being so inclined he was enrolled as an apprentice to the militant arm of the solon. religion.
Sven’s training has gone well and he is now at a cross roads in life. He is of age that he will need to either take the vows of his order and become a full paladin or leave the monastery and pursue whatever career path will best suit him; most likely mercenary work or being a guardsman for a merchant.
If Sven is to take the vows and become a full paladin the Council of Elders has decreed that he must go on Rumspringa from 2 to 5 years. If after that allotted time has passed and Sven does indeed want to take the vows of his own free will then he’ll be allowed and welcomed in.
The Council of Elder’s reasoning for decreeing that Sven must go on Rumspringa is that since he has been raised by the monks perhaps his vows might be made from “force of habit” instead of genuine desire for conversion.
And thus it is that Sven is stepping out into the real world.

(1) Sven’s homeland is near the cities of Durvik, Rydmark and Barwick, Lorheath. Map Makers sometimes put the little hamlet on the Lorheath side of the border and others put it on Rydmark. Most cartographers simply didn’t know of its existance to place it on either side.
(2) It has occured to Sven that the monks that adopted him might be of a different religion than what his parents were, but that hasn’t caused a crisis of faith and probably won’t.

Sven Rockwell

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